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9 Best Podcasts you should listen today to boost your career

After waking up, the first thing we do is check our phones. Barely being able to open our eyes but it is hard to resist the temptation. Next thing you know is that you have wasted an awful lot of time just scrolling and tapping.Yes, you are not alone!
In the age full of content, flooding your devices, it’s hard not to get distracted.
In the night when you finally go back to sleep after an exhaustive day, you realize you had the most unproductive day today. But what if I tell you that you can change this? I tell you that just listening to a audio clip you can fully take control of your life? I have a solution here!

 Remember “The mind grows by what it feeds on “

If you are midway in the ocean full of content and feeling lost from where to start, relax, I’ve got you covered and that is why I have started this blog, to serve you some useful content to feed it to your brain.

I have personally curated and listed some of the best podcasts and personal favourite episodes here that you should listen to not only become more productive on a daily basis but also to boost your career life.

1. The Tim Ferriss Show

Starting with The Tim Ferriss Show, the best podcast you’ll ever listen to, his podcasts will take you to an audio experience and teach you the art of hacking your mind and soul to get productive, he brings down some amazing experts who delivers their out of the box ideas of how do they get things done, what motivates them and what keeps them going.
Must ListenJames Foxx on workout Routines, Success Habits and untold Hollywood stories

2. Beyond the To Do List

The host of the show, Erik Fisher, talks to his his successful friends and influencers about how they prioritize there tasks, manage their time and take steps towards bring more productivity in their lives. You’ll feel inspired and refreshed after hearing stories from various individuals describing there journeys of becoming expert at something at which they used to fail often.
Must ListenRay Edwards on Efficiency, Effectiveness & Impact

3. The Productivity Podcast with Paul Minors

A lot of content in his podcasts and series, one of the best productivity podcasts to listen to, everything is there from article audio to interviews with working individuals who have been successful in their field. He talks about productivity, optimizing time and self improvement.
Must Listen –  Say no to anything unimportant

4. Organize Mindfully

This is one of those podcasts which solely focuses on getting your mind more organized and start getting things done in an order to avoid any chaos. It’s great for the beginners who wants to follow a step by step guide.
Must ListenDiscover your way to organize

5. Gary Vee Audio Experience

Being a follower for a very long time, this guy gets you so fired up and motivated to do anything you want, he is ruthless but in an amazing way, you cannot help yourself not listening to him after you hear him once. He makes your problems seem so small that’ll help you break through from any struggle in life. His motivational level is really high and if you get time, you can watch his videos on YouTube too.
Must ListenThe Airplane Project

6. Accidental Creative

This podcast is for those who want to pursue creative careers and do what they love, it provides lots of tips and tricks that you can follow to dive into a creative job or career and not be afraid of anything. Get to know some of the best people in there spaces and follow what they did to achieve the position where they are and become more productive towards your life.
Must ListenJonathan Willis on Passion Projects

7. 48 days to the work you love

Well not everyone knows what they actually love and will feel no pressure doing that thing for the rest of their lives, but this podcast helps you to know what it is, discover what your true calling is and actually work on it.
Must ListenThis is your last chance to make a good decision

8. How did you get into that?

We all know how difficult is to start in your career or make a career shift, but it’ll help you through the process. If you want to be an entrepreneur or take a break to figure out your life or just need a tiny bit of inspiration, listen to it and know what other people having some amazing tips to share with you.
Must Listen – How to Be More Productive with Mike Vardy

9. Self-Made Man

No, it’s not just for “the men”, it’s for everyone who wants to get some insights of successful individuals in all the fields, it’s something you can enjoy listening to which covers all the stories of luck and failure. Get to know about powerful people in business space from them and learn from the best.
Must Listen – How To Own The Day, And Own Your Life with Aubrey Marcus

These podcasts are my personal favourites and I recommend yo to try and listen to these whenever you find free time be it commuting while going to college or office, walking in the morning or before sleeping, trust me on this when you start listening to these podcasts, you’ll crave for more and listen more of these.
So next time you realize why are you just killing your time or just need some motivation, gather up yourself and make your life more productive and successful.

I hope you enjoy listening to these, comment down below if you want to add something to the list or your thoughts about these podcasts.

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