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7 Golden rules to ace your job interview : Job interview etiquettes

Apart from your subject/industry knowledge, your etiquettes play a major role in landing your next job. Your body language, your etiquettes do not go unnoticed.

Whether you are a fresher or an experienced professional, there are certain tips which can help you to stand apart from the crowd.

Always make sure that you are making a good impression on the employer, your behavior, your etiquettes, your communication skills, even the tiniest detail about your personality can make a big difference.

1)  First and foremost golden rule: Dress Smartly

Your first impression is your clothes and it should be a great one. A well-groomed, neat & tidy business attire is enough to reflect positivity in your first impression. Even if you decide to wear casuals for any specific job of a store or restaurant, it’s still necessary to wear neat and tidy clothes. Colours of your clothes also matter a lot, you will obviously not wear a shimmery golden shirt in your interview, so make sure that you wear soothing and eye-pleasing colours. A good personality can be reflected from the way you dress and can also give you the confidence you need.

2)  Second golden rule: Practice beforehand

Before going for a job interview, it never hurts to go with some preparation. There are certain questions which are always asked in all the interview which are – introduce yourself, why our company, what are your strengths, etc. and you should always prepare these questions beforehand so that you don’t need to think on spot and stumble with your words. Introduce yourself is the most important question as it decides where the interview will you go, it’s obvious that if you speak about anything while telling about yourself, the employer will ask questions from that, so always prepare and practice. Also, take your time to scan your resume before the interview and always know what you have written in it to avoid any embarrassments.

3)  Third golden rule: Body language

You should know that you are communicating through your body language and body posture as well, so make sure it’s sound. Your body posture should be sitting straight and your head slightly inclined towards forward which imply that ‘yes I am ready to do the work and take your orders’ while sitting lethargically implies that you will be too tired doing your job and does not reflect positivity as well.

4) Fourth golden rule: Research about the company

It is very important to do the research about the company, you don’t want yourself to be in a situation where you don’t even know what a company does, if you are still unsure state that you did the research found this about the company, it will give a good impression on the employer and you will obviously get to know what type of questions you can expect in a particular job profile in that industry. It will also reflect that you are actually interested in the job and have come prepared with your homework.

5) Fifth golden rule: Be polite and smile

I have always seen some people who have a serious resting face and they don’t even realize it, which gives the impression that the person is constrained and rude, and you don’t want your employer to give this impression. Not even in a job interview, it is a tip of a lifetime that you should always be polite and smile regardless of the way you are feeling inside. Giving respect and being polite towards someone will always work in your favour.

6) Sixth golden rule: Take the water 

Whenever the employer asks you take the water, always take it, it’ll prep you for the meantime and will help you calm down if you get nervous. Also, you don’t want to be embarrassed while the interview after saying a no to the water and then foolishly looking at the bottle time to time thinking that you should have taken it because you are actually feeling thirsty now.

7) Seventh golden rule: Ask questions

After the interview is over, always ask questions, if you have any specific questions regarding the profile, ask the employer, they will be more than happy to answer you if you are confused about anything. Ask them what will be the next stage in the hiring process and by when can you expect a call from them so that if you don’t you can move on and prepare for the next.

Conclusion: Your body language and dressing play an important role, so don’t overlook them. Brush up your communication skills and practice as much as you can to avoid any stupid mistakes. The last tip is that just be confident, never feel nervous it’s only going to harm you. Go with a smile on your face, be polite to everyone and ace your job interview these golden rules.

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